Woohoo! Two Little (Phone) Classes on Weight and Sleep




Did you know that just a little sleep reduction can mimic the legal levels of alcohol intoxication?

Yup, studies have shown it. You may as well be drunk!

….AND….Do you ever wonder why you’re always so hungry, even after a big meal? Do you get frustrated when you spend hours at the gym, only to consume cake, pizza, or tear into that bag of potato chips?


From anywhere in the world you can get a 30-minute phone class where I’ll explain how you can get deep, uninterrupted sleep–so important to health. OR you can take a class on controlling the “hunger hormone.”

OR, you can take both.

  1. Rock Your Sleep

Never let anyone tell you that “oh, it’s normal to sleep less as you age.” You can, and should, have deep, uninterrupted, blissful, dream-filled sleep at any age. It’s what keeps you youthful looking–and you’ll also feel great. (And by the way, sleep DOES affect weight.

   2. Say Buh-Bye to Uncontrollable Hunger Forever

I’ll tell you what the “hunger hormone” is, what causes it, and what you can do to control it–in 7 easy steps!

Questions? Concerns? I’d love to address them.  Feel free to e-mail me: rossirene93@gmail.com